Electricity Minister confirms that Iranian gas will flow to Iraq soon


Economy News / Baghdad ...

Said Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi, Tuesday, that the Iranian gas will flow in the near future to the Iraqi territory, indicating that the project is going through the final stages and is on the verge of opening.

Said Fahdawi said in a statement, "The cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq is very good but unfortunately the severe financial crisis through which Iraq has limited this ambition, we had a greater ambition to expand this cooperation, cooperation between the two countries in the field of electricity is available but alas is without ambition because of the financial crisis. "

Fahdawi, adding that "Iran was preparing the Iraqi system 1000 megawatts of electricity alas stop this processing because of our inability to pay the amount on time and the accumulation of debt in the Zmtna Iranian companies Maspb deficit have these companies to continue processing Maada to cut 1 000 MW of the Iraqi system, We are now working on the replay was solved part of the problem and hope that we get a complete solution. "

"The project we are working on the Iranian gas processing and no electricity, the project Iranian gas pipeline passes ESRD and we are about to open, there is a procedural problem and we will find a solution and the flow of Iranian gas on the Iraqi territory."

He said the electricity minister, said: "Gas Central Region is almost complete and the project the southern region to more time and these two projects Sagvean Iraqi electrical system and will serve Iraq dramatically, given that gas is very important because it will be offset Alkazoel consumption and we have too many power stations temporarily suspended due to exorbitant price Alkazoel cost ".

Fahdawi and pointed out that "cooperation with the Islamic Republic in Iran, did not reach the level of ambition," he said. "I looked at the Iranian capacity, and the need for Iraq and Maouselna him not to exceed 10% of the level of ambition."