Britain offers loan to Iraq in part to desalinate water Basra

02/21/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 32 - Issue (3858)

The United Kingdom announced its support of the local government in Basra, providing a loan to Iraq in order to complete projects in Basra, it reported that the government of Basra percentage of the loan will be one of the province's share of the project Water desalination.

The British ambassador in Baghdad, Frank Baker, during a meeting with Deputy Chairman of the Basra Governorate Council, and attended term, that the United Kingdom has provided to Iraq by a British government financing institution a loan of 10 billion pounds Sterling will be bigger than the share of the province of Basra.

For his part, deputy head of the Basra Governorate Council, Walid Gitan in an interview with the "long" that the loan will be allocated him to two billion and 800 million pounds sterling for the desalination project in Basra, after the approval of the Board