Draft Law Parliament elections give the president the power to determine the date

02/21/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 37 - Issue (3858)

Baghdad / term

It announced the presidency, on Monday, sending a draft election of the new Council of Representatives to the Parliament Act. Under the proposed law to give the president the power to determine the election date. The draft also proposes the adoption of a mixed system for the calculation of the votes equally between the winning blocs and who got the highest votes.

A statement from the presidency of the republic, received a (long) a copy of Monday evening, said that "the new draft election law has been prepared in the light of the direct and continuous efforts to President Dr. Fuad Masum and care a number of legal specialists and experts elections in presidential directives and after listening to the opinion of a significant number of political forces parliamentary blocs concerned. "

She explained that the presidency "of the proposed project has sought to balance between the various demands and requirements to reflect the common interests."

According to the Presidency of the Republic, "the bill is aimed at the participation of all voters to choose their representatives in the Council, and equality in the electoral participation with voter rights guarantee and the candidate both in electoral participation as well as ensure the fairness of the elections and free and fair as well as providing legal protection for the stages and procedures of the electoral process."

He said the presidential statement that "the proposed draft law stipulates that the President is the one who determines the election date after coordination with the Council of Ministers and the Commission before the date of the ballot no later than ninety days."

The bill stipulates that "available candidate for membership in the Council additional conditions as well as the legal conditions including that at least the age of the candidate for the twenty-five years when the nomination should have obtained a junior certificate or its equivalent in the least."

It included conditions to be provided by the candidate, according to the new draft law, that "have not been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude by a court judgment is, and not have to belong to members of the armed forces, or all of the security institutions when his candidacy, and that it is not working in the commission members, including members of the Board Commissioners and Directors General only after termination of employment no later than four Years".

The text of the draft law, submitted by the Presidency of the Republic that "the electoral districts are distributed on the basis of electoral districts for each province, provided that the House of Representatives consists of 328 seats, including 318 for the provinces, according to administrative borders, while you go the remaining ten seats as a" quota "for components, six of them Christian component at a rate of one seat to the provinces of Nineveh, Irbil and Dahuk, Kirkuk and two seats for Baghdad, one Armenian, and one seat for each of the two components Yezidi and networking in Nineveh, and one component Sabian Mandaean in Baghdad and one of the Kurds Faili in Baghdad. "

Proposes draft election of the new House bill, "the adoption of a mixed system where stipulated that half the seats are distributed in the constituency on according to a mechanism in which the order of the sequence of candidates re all in all menus, Based on the number of votes obtained by each of them, and be the first winner of the won highest number of votes in all the lists in the province within a single constituency apart from the list, and this applies to the rest of the candidates. "

She said the presidency "As half of the remaining seats are distributed on the menus according to the total number of votes obtained by each list, in a single constituency according to the system (St. Leko 1.5 to 3 - 5-7 average - 9 - etc.), it rearranges sequence candidates based on the number of votes obtained by each of them, and be the first winner who gets the highest number of votes, and so on for the rest of the candidates. "

She drew the Presidency of the Republic to be drafted by stating that "the number of women at least 25% of the total number of candidates on the list, taking into account also imposes ensure that women get at least 25% of the number of seats under the same mentioned mechanisms."