Alhbabi: regional interference was the reason for the delay in liberalization "Afar"

20/02/2017 01:17 | Number of Views: 767

Direction Press / special

The MP said Nineveh province Nahla Alhbabi today that "Tal Afar free of the population over a month ago and resides inside cliques terrorist Aldaashah only, stressing that" Barriers to edit this elimination was politically with distinction, including the Turkish intervention in Iraqi territory.

Alhbabi in an interview for "direction", confirmed that starting to edit the right coast operations for the city of Mosul, a major challenge for the security forces, where many of the families displaced from the left coast to the right when the intensified fighting there.

She added, "before the start of liberalization Ayman Mosul operations, exposure Tal Afar to several terrorist attacks by Daesh been foiled by the factions of the Islamic Resistance Hezbollah Brigades and the backing Joey Iraqis, and suffered their attacks failed big losses in lives and equipment, pointing out that" Daesh fighting for his life and tries to find an outlet for his release to the Syrian city of Raqqa.

She drew Alhbabi that "the nature of the battle in Mosul Ayman differ from left-editor battles, adding that" the population density in the right side and the rugged roads twisted succeed slow the progress of the legions of security forces, in order to preserve the lives of civilians.

She noted that "disagreements between the terrorist cliques" Daesh "in Mosul forced some of those cliques head to the west of Nineveh province, an attempt to find a loophole after full Anksaarham in Acer Mosul fighting, saying" not for the spurt in regional interventions was Talafar editor a month ago .

The general commander of the armed forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday morning announced the launch of the process of editing the right side of the city of Mosul from Daesh terrorist gangs and military units liberated the participation of the popular crowd a number of villages.