Privatization is synonymous with investment

Author: Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam

2/20/2017 0:00

Insisting on a privatization and investment in one place raises more than a question mark, since privatization is intended to public ownership transfer to the private grounds of national and different reasons for an integrated package of measures and policies is usually not the reform of the state administration and the fight against activities inappropriate by the private sector, as the concept of investment refers to the addition of new capacities in the sector through the investment of capital in the sector.

Simply it means that the marketing of privatization through the media as a synonym for investment, raises suspicion was intended to blind the public property sale of private capital program away from the standards of corporate governance represented by "disclosure and transparency, justice and responsibility and accountability" obsequious to the conditions imposed by the creditors under the timings specific, or to give up the responsibility of the economic file management entirely to the economy incontinent market matured him a lot of money at the expense of public money and thus giving an opportunity for the funds is legitimate to take the stages in the money laundering and legalization of ownership of public assets cycle, and this has happened in many countries that have moved economic their systems totalitarianism to a market economy under the supervision of creditors, which led to the abandonment of an important pillar of the country's sovereignty by leaving all sectors, including sovereign market fugitive in a world governed by globalization capital firms.

And the first to be aware of what is intended to privatization on according to its advocates missionaries at a high rate of development in accordance with the market mechanism they have as a way out of the downturn caused by the administrative flaw in the public sector, ignoring the reasons behind it and the seriousness of doctoring sectors in favor of the power of capital and keeping an open case of societal peace and social justice the unbridled market as well as agreed upon by everyone on policies and procedures in order to mobilize private sector resources and directing true face and encourage individual initiatives in accordance with the freedom of competition and the simplification of government procedures standards from the fight against corruption and the development of laws (competition and antitrust, consumer protection and the protection of the local product and others) into practice.

Accordingly, and because the public sector is still the property of the entire people, it is right to claim the program declared for privatization carried out in accordance with the law and transparent mechanisms which have public opinion aware of what shapers of public funds and what Segnih conversion program according to the vision clear and explicit without resorting to shuffle papers and prosecutors pure partnership with the private sector or a particular investment is to sell his property! It is important to recall here that is not the rule of the state aimed at all economic leaves to the market which will control the capital coming from abroad, which currently manages the affairs of all States that slipped towards market liberalism wave that promoted and heralded by the companies that control the world.