Anbar security establishment initiated its moat. Governor criticizes narrowing in on folks

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Iraqi forces in Anbar began Sunday, digging a trench in the desert of Ramadi from the South and Southwest, to prevent the infiltration of elements regulating ISIS to the city and surrounding areas, in order to adjust the security and control of the terrorist attacks on the city after more than a year to edit.

45 km distance trench extends the depth meter and a half along with sand and a half meter, and encircles the city from the South and Southwest.

Major General confirmed Mahmoud Al-Falahi, (FPA), "the importance of creating this ditch and embankment, to prevent the infiltration of terrorists and suicide bombers and suicide bombs from the desert to the city of Ramadi, army forces will be deployed and the sons of the tribes along the embankment to secure protection and prevent the infiltration of terrorists".

Critic said captured suspects, Member of the provincial Council's Security Committee, said the aim of the embankment and ditch, stopping cars entering bomb security breaches of Saharan zone ", pointing to" members of terrorist organization ISIS resort to hide in vast Anbar sharoaih regions bordering Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.

Joint operations command was announced, 28 December 2015 liberalization of gray in full and the Iraqi flag above government complex downtown, about seven months after the control regulation (ISIS).

During the past three months, Anbar saw a car bombing 15, 6 of them carried out by suicide bombers, one of which targeted the Anbar Police Chief Major General Bob rezaij.

And seen the desert areas in far western Anbar as President port mined and car bombers and undergone those areas nearby months for military operations but stopped shortly after launch.

Separately, the Governor of Anbar suhaib Narrator astonished by the sons of Anbar security tightening, particularly in the control of the Falcons.

Narrator, called in a statement received (range) the Baghdad operations command, and the competent security agencies to adopt career and dealing with humanitarian, especially students and staff.

Governor of Anbar stressed that "this is the confidence which Anbar local government and citizens to the heroes of our security forces, who are really small greatest epics against evil gangs and tyranny."

At the same time, the Narrator called "sons of the province to fully cooperate with the security forces of all types, and cut the road to terrorism and extremism, and maintain public security to Iraq and not just Anbar."

Anbar province is linked via rapid international capital control of falcons, formerly its commitment of troops to Anbar operations before the control regulation "ISIS" on the province, June 2014.

In a related context, Congresswoman called Hanan's PM Government and security agencies to "immediate" action to free 17 truck driver kidnapped Ramadi in Anbar, walrhalih four days ago.

Iraq's PM said, in a statement received (range) copy of it today, that "there is a strange silence on the abduction of 17 trucker on the road link between gray walrhalih", stating that "these innocent people were kidnapped when they catered lunch in one of the role.

AR rahaliyah area manager was in Anbar, hilarious supporter announced, 15 February, the current organization of "ISIS" kidnapping 16 civilians from the area, called Prime Minister Haider Abadi interference with BSP "slip stream fix" Haidar the heart, that the civilians who were kidnapped in Anbar province ar rahaliyah merchants of the capital Baghdad, noting that 17 abductees.