Keywords: private banks, their performance distinctive and are satisfied with it

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The governor of the central bank on the Keywords, Sunday, that the central bank was able to get up and banks lagging belg number eight banks out of 60 banks are working well and are satisfied with it.

Keywords and said in answering a question for "Economy News" hosted on the performance of private banks in the press conference held this morning, the two banks remained reluctant or three and work is under way on the correct path out of the 60 banks are working well and are satisfied with it.

He called on the Governor, Economic media not to be dragged behind the irresponsible remarks by some that distort the true picture of the banks and the role of development, calling for the need to spread the savings in private banks, the culture and restore confidence in them, especially the block that out Altdol accounted for 70 percent of the money supply, which will contribute to the revitalization of the market if it deposited in banks.

He pointed out the role of the Iraqi private banks association to adopt initiatives and important actualities that reflect the interest of the banks in the implementation of the required standards and guidance.