IOM: Return of 50% of the total displaced in Iraq

 Baghdad / term
The International Organization for Migration, yesterday, about the return of a million and half a million displaced people to their homes of a total of three million across the country.
She noted at the same time to the continued displacement movement since the start of liberalization of Mosul operations, revealing the displacement of about 800 thousand civilians from the city.
So Anbar province recorded the highest percentage of IDP returnees, Salahuddin is at least the ratio between the hot provinces.
A statement from the International Organization for Migration in Iraq, received a (long) a copy of it yesterday, that "since January 2014, the number of displaced people reached three million displaced people, spread over 3661 site in Iraq."
The organization confirmed that " the return of nearly 1.5 million dividend (249,327 households), where these displaced people think that their communities have become safe enough to return to it. This figure represents an overall increase of the number of residents returning 7% (98,946 people) through just last month. "
However regain control of the areas that were under the control of Daesh by the Iraqi army, the International Organization confirmed the special moves massive return numbers and identified these sites, which would facilitate the efforts of the Government and humanitarian agencies to provide assistance to the growing numbers of people likely to return to their homes this year, according to the statement.
The statement continued , "During the spring and summer of 2016, displaced people began to return to liberated areas in Anbar province, in early February 2017, Anbar and the highest percentage of returnees , about 73,386 returning to the districts of the province, including Fallujah, Ramadi, Hit, and by less than the displaced people have returned to some areas in Salahuddin returnees including Shirqat
and Tikrit. "
The statement quoted Thomas Weiss, head of the UN Mission for Migration ( IOM ) in Iraq, "We've eradicated the lives of Iraqis displaced and affected communities deeply affected," adding that " the displaced people who have returned to their homes will need the full support of the humanitarian community, and in cooperation with the Iraqi government and partners in the field humanitarian. "
He revealed Weiss for "International Organization for Migration to Iraqis returning a variety of support , including rehabilitation of shelter, livelihoods and non - food items, and infrastructure projects surface mechanisms, to support their ability to restart their lives and provide assistance
to their families."
And the organization 's efforts to bring life to Alkwyr area in Mosul, the statement quoted Hersh Hussein Hassan, the mayor of the area, saying , "After a short period of control Daesh on some areas in Ghuwair in 2014, most of the schools close and children deprived of education during the the past two years , "noting that" there are three out of seven schools open area at the time the
present. "
He pointed Hersh Hussein to "the International Organization for Migration, three weeks ago, the rehabilitation of the schools, where she was burned rows, damaging toilets, and furniture smashed , " adding , " the organization 's work on cleaning up the buildings, provide offices white boards (casuals) painting, plumbing, it is expected that these efforts will be completed by mid - March. "