Electoral Commission contracted for the purchase of an electronic voting system

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The Electoral Commission revealed yesterday its intention to clone South Korea 's experience in election administration, by contracting to buy 59 000 device to count the votes in order to speed up the voting process and the counting of the results in a short period.
The Commission confirmed that it had cooperated with the United Nations to classify the 20 international companies submitted Battaadtha, and that the competition is going on between the six companies only. Certified company and will take advanced training of cadres from the Commission on the maintenance and operation of the electronic system , which is expected to come into effect next September.
And confirms the officials of the Council of the Electoral Commission, in a telephone statements to be published (range) in the number of Monday, said the electronic voting process that will reduce the time it takes for the voting process in half, and the final results will be announced within two hours after the polls closed.
The operation of the system depends on the registry Albaaomitri. Of the 17 million voters, only 8 million of them electoral record did not happen according to Albaaomitri system.
Commission officials admit that " the problem lies in the lack of record voters discreet, giving the opportunity to the presence of fraud and breaches may accompany the electoral process", stressing that "Albaao metric system revealed to us about the presence of deceased voters ' names in the records."
According to Commission officials, the voting will be done through the adoption of a voter card and footprint in the new accelerator device, either those who have not updated their records will be credited with their data in the 2014 elections
and confirms the Commission officials that the devices work on electric power to the interim charging system for a period of not more than 12 hours without the need to the power supply.
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