Abadi from Munich: Our war with Daesh clean and strive to save human before liberating the land

The Prime Minister reiterated yesterday that Iraq is approaching full restoration of territorial integrity of Daesh, calling on the international community to continue its support in all areas.
While praised the commitment and discipline of the forces of the popular crowd at the battles for liberation, described the battles of Iraq as a "clean war" aimed at saving human before liberating the land.
The Prime Minister said Haider al - Abadi, in a speech before the Munich conference on security and followed up (range) yesterday evening, "in these moments that I stand among you, Iraq is approaching a lot of full territorial restoration and expel gang Daesh of the last inch was under control, and now we 're fighting to cleanse what remains of the city of Mosul , which is less than half the area of the city. "
He added Abadi "liberated most of our cities and our territory and we are achieving victories impressive on terror , which is our enemy and the enemy that threatens our people and your people and kills civilians, women and children without mercy, and we look forward to continuing to support our troops in the areas of armament, training, advice and logistical support and air in order to complete the task of eliminating Daesh."
The president of the government that " the victory that we're talking about is the fruit of the sacrifices of our people and our brave armed forces , which bore alone the responsibility of fighting on the ground , " noting that "terrorism and organizing Daesh are the enemies of the Muslims before the others were killed by Muslims exponentially to victims of other religions, so it was a All faiths and sects to unite against terrorism, and this is what happened in Iraq while unites us all , Muslims and Christians and Yezidis and the Sabians and the Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs and Kurds, Turkmen, because terrorism is aimed at everyone. " In another context, Abadi said that "volunteers in the local forces and the popular crowd was inclusion in the armed forces within our plan to restrict arms possession to the state and the extension of the rule of law, they have shown bravery in the defense of the land and a commitment to high responsibility towards civilians in the liberated areas and sacrificed expensive."
He stressed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that the "liberation of Mosul , the process we're in now is a clean war sought by which the human rescue before liberating the land, and although the fighting was tough and house to house, but that our forces are keen on the safety of the homes of citizens and infrastructure and government installations ".
Abadi noted that "Daesh taken from the civilians as human shields to delay the advance of our troops, and blew up government buildings, mosques, churches, schools, universities and houses, and taken from civilian neighborhoods rules for the rocket fire, and practiced and destroy systematically for Antiquities and Museums and the treasures of the civilization of Mesopotamia and ancient smuggling operation."
Abadi pointed out that "our directives were tight and strict in the need to protect civilians, and did not relent in the offer to eliminate all of the assaults on civilians and their property, and provided at the same time safe corridors to exit safely, and created a lot several camps to house the displaced."
Abadi met Mike Pence, US Vice President, and a US congressional delegation led by Senator John McCain, Chairman of the armament in Congress, accompanied by 12 members of the Republican and Democratic parties.
Pines and announced that his country intends to take the necessary measures to prevent Iran from threatening Iraq and other US partners in the Middle East. The vice president of the devotional " The United States will not allow Iran to threaten the stability of our partners in the region , including Iraq."
The two sides agreed that the task is urgent priority is to "rebuild Iraq economically." The high price of Pines ongoing cooperation in the field of building up Iraqi security forces and the peshmerga, stressing adherence to long - term partnership between Washington and Baghdad , which is based on the Convention on the strategic framework for bilateral relations.
As telephone US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson , who told Ebadi "We support the Iraqi government 's efforts to liberate cities and achieve security and stability and we have a desire and willingness to be partners in it and work together to achieve economic prosperity."
He was US secretary of state , "his admiration for the courage of the Iraqi forces and Mahakgueth of important victories against Daesh, also offered his condolences to the prime minister and the Iraqi people and the victims of the terrorist crime that targeted civilians in the Baya area" southwest of the capital Baghdad and killed more than 100 people were killed or wounded.
In turn , German Chancellor Angela Merkel , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi stressed her country 's commitment to the unity of Iraq, praising the cleanliness of the fight against terrorism and respect for human rights principles.
The Prime Minister 's Office that he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Akdaoms, in Munich, a bilateral meeting and the meeting of joint talks. Merkel stressed, according to the government statement, the commitment of her country to "the unity of Iraq and supporting Germany continuously both directly and through NATO will expand in the field of military support," praising " the cleanliness of the battle and respect for human rights and the protection of civilians by Iraqi forces."
Merkel and instructed to "send a special envoy to Iraq in the coming days to support government economic reform plans."
The prime minister also met with the Secretary General of the United Nations , Antonio Guterres , and discussed with him the activation of cooperation with the International Organization in the areas of care of the displaced and accelerate efforts to combat corruption and promote economic reform. Earlier , the Prime Minister met with the British Foreign Minister , Boris Johnson, where the parties put forward a draft criminalizing Daesh and bring their leaders to international justice.
Abadi and discussed with Johnson " the development of relations between the two countries and to increase cooperation in all fields, particularly the support of the Iraqi forces and security services forces in the face of terrorism."
The British minister stressed " the continuing parking his country , along with Iraq and its forces fighting Daesh and Britain 's support for the projects of reform and development of the Iraqi economy and building state institutions and supporting the sectors of education and tourism."
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