Dam archaeological find near Arbil built in the era of King Sennacherib
14:29 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad Mazin News
The Director of Antiquities in Arbil, Barzani rare, the discovery of archaeological dam near Arbil province, dating back to 2,700 years, was built in the era of King Sennacherib.
Barzani said that "after years of exploration and research on the effects of operations by the competent archeology teams, was found a few months ago for the first time on an archaeological bridge length of 600 meters, dating back to 2,700 years, was built by King Sennacherib to secure water for the city of Arbil at the time."
The director of antiquities in Arbil, it "will be officially detected after days and during a press conference in Arbil for the dam archaeologist who found it, and so pictures and all information about it," .ovq Manglth "Doaros."
He noted that "the Directorate General of Antiquities and so far signed 50 contracts and a memorandum of understanding with universities, institutes and centers around the global effects" .anthy 29 / D 24