Deputy: Federal Court Act became the verge of clinching
Sunday February 19, 2017
confirmed the deputy of the State of Law coalition, Sunday, that the project of the Federal Court Act reached its final stages and became "just around the corner" from the offering for a vote pointing out that the only point of disagreement narrowed the number of members of the Court of voters on issues related to the relationship provincial government Central.

Said Jassim Mohammed Jaafar said in an interview Sumerian's News, " The draft of the Federal Court Act came to the verge of clinching and vote on it once and for all " pointing out that " the law has not left him only a simple dialogues and is reached its final form in order to pass
He added that the law before it a long time and since the previous parliamentary sessions It is time for decisiveness and an end to that page , " asserting " the determination of all political forces to be completed during the current legislative term."

He pointed out that there are many adjustments have been made to the draft bill until we came to a formula that satisfies all parties* , " pointing out that "there is a point is very simple and formulation prevented introduced to a vote during the last sessions and seek to resolve them shortly currently on the agenda."

He continued that " the sticking point concerning the vote in court , where he was a Kurdish party wants to vote unanimously on the associated relationship province and the federal government issues and had other opinion insists that the vote will be three - quarters of the number , " referring to "submit a proposal to be voted by two thirds and we believe that we are very soon from the resolution of this point as well. "

The Legal Committee of Parliament announced that , in the (12 August 2015), the lack of the will of the political blocs in the House of Representatives for the passage of the Federal Court Act, as shown that one demands of the Kurdistan Alliance toward law is that the court 's decision will be toward the province of Kurdistan , the consensus of its members , a demand difficult to achieve.