Oman calls to open the Trebil border crossing with Iraq
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Thread: Oman calls to open the Trebil border crossing with Iraq

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    Oman calls to open the Trebil border crossing with Iraq

    Oman calls to open the Trebil border crossing with Iraq

    19/02/2017 10:23

    Jordanian Prime Minister Hani Mulki stressed the importance of reopening the crossing (Trebil) border with Iraq for oil and begin to create a line between Basra and Aqaba and facilitate the exchange of Jordanian and Iraqi goods to the two countries and easing customs and administrative procedures.

    ( Here we have Jordan wanting to open trade routes with Iraq, both oil, and non-oil type revenue to be achieved )

    This came during a gathering Mulki Iraqi economic delegation to visit Jordan , a meeting chaired by President of the Iraqi Investment Commission Sami al - Araji , during which the two sides discussed relations of economic cooperation between the two countries and ways of strengthening them.

    Araji stressed the urgent need for the reconstruction of the affected areas after the military operation ended in the city of Mosul in a private Qtaabannah infrastructure.

    ( wishing to build up the private sector infrastructure after liberation of Mosul )

    And the transfer of an official statement from the Iraqi ambassador to Jordan , Safiya al - Suhail that the procedures for the re - opening of the border crossing between the two countries in the final stages also confirmed that " the pipeline project between the two countries will see the light soon."

    ( "In the final stages".. and "will see the light soon" )

    The governments of Jordan and Iraq have signed in September 2012 a memorandum of understanding in the oil and natural gas , including pipeline to export Iraqi oil through Jordan starts from Basra through the land of Jordan and on to the outside via the Jordanian port of Aqaba on the Red Sea areas.

    ( Another direction for the export of oil, and natural gas )

    The tube length of about 1,700 km and estimated cost of $ 18 billion and will allow the Iraqi side to export about one million barrels of crude oil per day Jordan by providing the benefit of its needs of oil estimated at about 140 thousand barrels per day.

    ( 1 mbpd to Jordan, whos estimated per day use is 140,000 bpd )

    And stopped commercial exchanges between Jordan and Iraq through the border crossing (Trebil) border since July 2015 due to the closure of the crossing on the background of the security situation at the crossing and on the highway between Baghdad and Trebil.

    ( Pointing out that these projects have been on hold since mid 2015 due to security reasons )


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