Supreme Council: to disband, but to return to the Constitution and the agreements signed during the formation of the government

Published on Sunday, May 20 2,012
BAGHDAD / with stressed the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sunday, at the close of the general convention, to end the escalating political crisis in the country, saying that it does not solve the problems of the country only to return to the Constitution and to the agreements signed during the formation of the government, calling for a joint meeting between the various Parties, and to the Parliament to play its true role as a representative of the people.
And the holding of the General Conference of the Supreme Islamic Council, which was re-during which the election of Ammar al-Hakim, president of the Council, under the banner (on the approach Shahid Mihrab unite our steps: for the prosperity of the nation and the welfare of the citizen) for the period from 19-20 May, attended by members of the public from within and outside the country, During the meetings the election of members of the leadership and political office.
He gave the conference the political crisis escalating in the country, which I took part of the discussions the participants and recommendations of the Conference, which states that "no unilateral solution to the problems of the country only to return to the Constitution and to the agreements signed during the formation of the government, and to a joint meeting at a high level of seriousness and responsibility among the various parties, "calling that" the Iraqi Council of Representatives plays a direct role as the legislative and regulatory representative to the opinion of the people. "
He also called on Congress to "stop personifying files and campaigns, defamatory, media, and return to dialogue and make decisions in accordance with criteria to ensure solutions enterprise that preserve the unity of the country and restore the political process to its vitality and strength and the elements of consensus and partnership and unity necessary to achieve them."
The conference stressed the adherence to the constitution, impartial and conduct of elections on time and the independence of the judiciary and independent bodies, and the consolidation of the foundations of the state, calling for the enactment of the parties and amending the election law and a solution to a practical and constitutional resolve the issue of provincial boundaries and the disputed areas.
The Conference emphasized the allocation of more funds to local governments and the development of their reality, calling on the provincial councils and regions to invest the development of concepts of federal and decentralized to serve the people of different regions, indicating the need to develop the investment environment and diversify the economy of the country is does not make it dependent on Alinvaft only.