Alwani: Statements Mutlaq al-Maliki as Bacanutatora and now the man has been compared to the national bargain
2012-05-20 17:59:08

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... MP Ahmed al-Alwani, the Iraqi List, The Aqraraudh Saleh al-Mutlaq to his duties is not in his hand because the decision is up to the Iraqi List, which specifies his return or not the statements in the media and praised al-Maliki is the outlandish comments to that before the period described Bacanutatora Now promos man national, leadership and vocational Where's the truth Does al-Maliki of his words (dictatorship or a professional) If was looking for a job Vlaokhzh but not this way.
He said al-Alwani told the independent press (Iba) .. The al-Mutlaq has let down the Iraqi street and the majority of the Iraqi List, the remarks that were very strange and irresponsible because it met with negative reactions from the people of our provinces have been blaming the Iraqi List, it will affect his political future and Ptsouri that this is the last stop of his in the political arena.
He Alwani What is the secret of the transformation that has occurred Mutlaq al-Maliki, who was describing the dictator and now has become a close friend if it were not there had been a secret deal between him and al-Maliki said there is certainly masterminded night with regret.
The Alwani The issue of Mr. Tariq al-Hashemi from the beginning were not there a genuine desire to solve it and everyone knows it a political issue par excellence, but there is a vision for each one Mnhmucla the two men to them the positions of historical and they know where to eat shoulder unfortunately been exploited position Saleh al-Mutlaq note that a friend of Mr. Hashemi for the position of no value, nor the powers of the so-Mutlaq lost his position in this direction.
He stressed that al-Maliki since the beginning of the formation of the Iraqi List, was working there Alyhq Sffhaukant violations by some members of Mr. Maliki's satisfaction at the expense of Alqaúmaossalh Mutlaq today is the last episode in the series will end Maltk the end of this session. (End)