Pentagon announces a terrorist targeting a top French airstrike in Iraq
at 09:03 (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Said the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), Saturday, that the international coalition against "Daesh" targeted raid near Mosul this week, "terrorist" French Qasim Rashid, who is inspiring many of the attacks in France.
As fate did not specify the impact of such a strike that has been implemented in the past 72 hours.
A senior official for the fight against terrorism in Paris, students said on condition of anonymity, said that "Rashid Kassim was probably killed", adding that "we do not have complete assurance after that."
According to media French media on Friday, said Qasim may be killed in a raid by the international coalition to Mosul.
It is suspected that the denominator masterminded assaults in France from his place of residence in the controlled "Daesh" region, is also suspected that the denominator inspired directly to a certain extent the murder of a policeman and his companion on June 13 in Manaanvil in the Yvelines region, and the process of slaughtering the priest inside his church in Saint-Etienne du Rovra in Seine-Maritime region in northern France, July 26 General Almadi.anthy 29 / d 24