Chest: There is no difference between Erbil and Najaf .. We agreed on something needs to be finalized
On: Sun 20/05/2012 8:36

Baghdad / range
announced the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Saturday, Najaf, the Conference seeks to enter into agreements for "service to the Iraqi people." Sadr said in a press conference held at his home in Najaf, and attended by the long "The meeting was held" to put the finishing touches to implement what was agreed upon previously in Erbil. "

He said al-Sadr that "political leaders agreed on the points that would end the suffering of the Iraqi people, stressing that" our meeting today was complementary to the meeting that took place a few days ago in Erbil is no difference between Erbil and Najaf, and we agreed on something needs to be finalized only. " (Can You Say "withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
In the same context, he stressed leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Barham Salih, that the meeting of Najaf was to follow the consultative meeting of the leaders which was held in Erbil.
and Saleh in an interview for "long" that "this meeting was for the purpose of the agreement on the points raised at the meeting of Erbil consultation and to emphasize the need to resolve the political crisis afflicting the the country. "
He added, "This meeting was a prelude to the start about what he deserves citizen services and reconstruction." (Can You Say "withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
Saleh pointed out that "the country live crises succession, leaving the additional burdens on the shoulders of the citizens" and stressed "that the political blocs at reducing these burdens through end this crisis. " (Can You Say " withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
According to the leader of the Kurdistan that "there is a national project will bring together Iraqis of different sects and affiliations and regions."
pointing out that the meetings would continue between the political forces for the consultation to reach a solution adopts a service of the country and citizens.
For his part, said House Speaker Osama Najafi " The message of the National Alliance, have been studied, and there were subsequent meetings will determine the future of the political process in Iraq, "saying that" all options are open in the democratic process. "
In regard to the idea of withdrawing confidence from the government al-Maliki said Najafi It's under discussion, explaining that they meeting is to save Iraq from the crisis through which, as described. (Can You Say "withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
uncovered a statement to the presidency of the Kurdistan region published yesterday for a Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani on Saturday morning, a consultative meeting in the resort of Salahuddin in Erbil to discuss participation in the meeting, which convened in Najaf cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.
statement said that the Erbil meeting was attended by Dr. Iyad Allawi, head of the Iraqi and Osama Najafi House Speaker and the delegation accompanying them and Rose Nuri Shaways Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal and d. Barham Ahmad Salih, Deputy Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and d . Fuad Hussein, President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan region, to discuss the situation of current Iraq. (Can You Say "withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
The statement pointed out that he had "During the meeting, discuss the latest developments and the current situation witnessed in the political arena and the position of the two communities about it, stressing the position which they had declared during the meeting, Quintet of the Parties to the Iraqi meeting in Arbil the 28 of April.
was confirmed by the National Alliance MP Jawad Albzona that the meeting of Najaf, a vision of great to find a radical solution to the crisis experienced by the political process. (Can You Say "withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
and Albzona in an interview with the (range) that "the presence of so many political figures for the meeting of Najaf called by Moqtada al- Sadr reflects the desire for large to find effective solutions. " (Can You Say "withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
The National Alliance MP that is a no-confidence will not be too far away from the decisions of the meeting.(Did He Say "withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
For his part, said a member of a coalition of state law Saad logistical in connection with the term "There is uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the meeting of Najaf, where no seen from this move reflects the desire of the conferees on the withdrawal of confidence or call the National Conference. "
has been confirmed by speaking on behalf of the Iraqi List, Maysoon al's (range) that "the meeting of Najaf came out the results of a large and is considered to meet successful, the result of the findings," and refused to Damluji disclosure the results reached by the conferees in Najaf, saying that it is "the results of the meeting" need some arrangements. and see MP Muhammad Al-Khalidi for the Iraqi List, that "the meeting of Najaf is an extension of the Meeting of Irbil Five, and to develop solutions that have been developed at a meeting of five leaders in Erbil." (Can You Say "withdrawal of confidence from maliki")
and Khalidi that "there will be a timetable is to solve problems where within the timing is not allowed to be exceeded."
As leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party just Berwari, a meeting five other political leaders in Najaf, adding that this step is in the interest of Iraq so as not to appeal meeting of Erbil, which was held in the 28 of April.
Berwari said that "the conferees will demand Maliki the implementation of the terms of the Erbil the second within a maximum period of three months," noting that "the proposal states that are performed each paragraph separately within ten days, so the total time it would take to implement the items nine three months. "
The source pointed out that "the meeting will hold another meeting after the expiration of the period granted to the government to see if the Government had implemented provisions of the Convention or not."
and reached the province of Najaf, on Saturday, Alkiedion of the Kurdistan Alliance, Barham Salih and Fuad Masum, and Rose Nuri Shaways and Hoshyar Zebari, also attended the meeting also Fakhri Karim, as well as leaders in the Iraqi List, Osama Najafi, Jawad al-Bolani, MPs Hussein Shaalan, Hamza Alkrtani as well as the leader of the National Alliance, Ahmed Chalabi and independent MP Sabah al-Saadi, to participate the meeting, who called him the cleric Moqtada al chest in his home area Alhanana the center of Najaf, while fully meeting saw the absence of the leaders of a coalition of state law.