Banking stocks soar Iraq Stock Exchange at the close

February 6, 2017

General Index ended the Iraq Stock Exchange trading on Monday, up 0.63%, reaching the level of 710.74 points, a winner around 4.42 points, compared with a closing session on Sunday.

And supporting the performance of the index rising 12 shares, including the shares of six banks sector.

Issued and Asia Cell Telecommunications shares soaring by about 4.4%, followed by Bank of Baghdad by 3.85%, and are eligible for insurance by about 2.99%.

In contrast, it fell 5 shares, issued by the desert of public transport increased by 4.44%, followed by manufacturing and marketing of dates by about 1.87%, then the Iraqi land transport rate of 1.79%.

It decreased trading volumes today to nearly 2 billion shares compared with 19.81 billion shares the previous session, as liquidity has shrunk to 2.5 billion dinars to 15.6 billion dinars session Sunday.

Issued shares Bank of Mosul stable at 0.510 dinars, amounts to one billion shares, while Asian shares issued torrent of liquidity by about 1.3 billion dinars.