The start of the influx of leaders of political blocs to the city of Najaf for a meeting of representatives of political forces, the absence of a coalition of state law

Najaf, home to a meeting of leaders and representatives of the political blocs

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BAGHDAD / However: the heads of political blocs afternoon meeting the current home of the leader Muqtada al-Sadr in the Sadr district Alhanana central city of Najaf to discuss the political crisis and out paper work uniform.

A source in the political body of the Sadrist movement told the future: "The meeting will be followed by an expanded joint press conference of heads of blocks to announce the results of the meeting."

The source of political body in the Office of Martyr al-Sadr in Najaf announced earlier today, "said the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr will host at his home in the neighborhood of Alhanana day meeting of leaders of some political blocs on the political crisis in the country."

And expected sources represents the Kurdistan Alliance, Deputy Prime Minister Shaways Rose and Barham Saleh, noting that the representation of the Iraqi List, will be at the level of leadership.

He added that "there will be a joint press conference of leaders of blocs to announce a joint statement which lays out the political map for the future of Iraq for the next period."