Zebari: political blocs agreed to the language of dialogue and the meeting of Najaf, an important part of the solution to the crisis

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BAGHDAD / With: The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Abdul Bari Zebari said that the political blocs agreed on the language of dialogue to resolve the political crisis and Najaf, meeting an important part of the best solution to it.

Zebari said on Saturday that "a clear vision that is being crystallized through extensive meetings of the leaders of political blocs centered on the adoption of meaningful dialogue based on a clear vision of the political crisis through ongoing meetings since the last meeting in Arbil, Najaf for a meeting today."

On the participation of the coalition of state law or not at the meeting of Najaf today, expressed Zebari expressed his belief that the coalition of state law is part of the National Alliance and the vision of the Alliance and a clear commitment to the Constitution with a reservation has the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the government, and any meeting places among the priority commitment to the Constitution in discuss and resolve any political crisis.

He pointed out that "the presence or absence of state law to attend the meeting will not come out as a representative within the umbrella of the National Alliance in general."

The MP for the State of Law coalition Shaker Darraji said: "The scheduled meeting of Najaf today, if a comprehensive and attended by all the political components, the better for the political process in the country and not to attend any party may generate a position that the meeting directed against him."

He added that "Today's meeting in Najaf called by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a complement to the meeting of Irbil Five, If the comprehensive and attended by all the political components be the best, but if meetings were partial, it will generate when the other party attitude and perception that these meetings directed against him or beyond them ".

The source in the political body in the Office of Martyr al-Sadr in Najaf announced earlier today that the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr will host at his home in the neighborhood of Najaf today Alhanana a meeting of leaders of some political blocs on the political crisis in the country.

He explained that there will be a joint news conference to announce the leaders of the blocks in which participants issued a joint statement lays out the political map for the future of Iraq for the next period.