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    Roth ira ?

    Hi all, I heard the latest news chat the other day in regards to the possibility of using a 1031 exchange. This made me start to think outside the box. With that said, if it's possible and if we were to have access to using a ROTH IRA, by depositing the currency in its current value and pay the taxes on that value, once it matures or RV's would it then be tax exempt? I called a financial advisor who said he has never been asked that and didn't know where to find the answer. Any help would be great.

    Okay folks, did my own research and no, a Roth IRA will not work. However, when this investment is becoming a reality, I would be ready for it by studying for the event. Don't spend your money, invest it and let it work for you, pay you month after month, year after year without touching the principle. Read a book or two on the subject. One I liked was "Rich dad, poor dad" but do your own research so the day doesn't come to pass when you regret that it's all gone. Go RI! God bless you all! : )
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