Legal Expert: Maliki not to withdraw in the confidence of his government the return of al-Mutlaq

Friday, May 18 / May 2012 16:35

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates regarded legal expert Tareq war that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki not to withdraw in the confidence of his deputy, the return of Saleh al-Mutlaq to the Council of Ministers.

He said the war in a press statement received by the Euphrates {News} a copy of it on Friday that "the return of al-Mutlaq al-Maliki has made away from the influence of some of its partners in the National Alliance because of the number of votes owned by the National Dialogue bloc headed by al-Mutlaq in the House of Representatives."

He added that "this return will strengthen the position of the other blocs are separated from the Iraqi National List in support of the government Kketlh white and the Iraqi bloc free mass and national as well as to ensure that Maliki, the votes of the deputies of Kirkuk Arabs and Turkmen, and thereby became a collection of votes in parliament to withdraw confidence from Maliki's government impossible." Ended