Saad, "The government needs more time than the period set by a meeting of Arbil Five commitments for the completion of
On: Friday 5/18/2012 9:31

Considered in the leadership of the Virtue Attorney Susan Saad period set by a meeting of Arbil Five of the government that will end today a period of time that the government set out a few need to be longer to complete their obligations. "

Saad said "in the statement (our site has received) a copy of that political reality in which we live and what its content of crises and problems can not solve a specific period of need for joint efforts to reach a common solution to these problems."

Saad explained that "the withdrawal of confidence from the government is not an easy step is very difficult under these circumstances the country and set out their positions in general need to enhance the positive steps of the path of political and democratic experience leading, rather than engage in the path thorny complexity."And ends the day before the deadline of the meeting, the leaders of the five-held in Arbil on 28 of the last month of the government and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for the implementation of previous commitments under the agreement Arbil