1:24 PM [poppy3] guys rest easy like I said a couple days ago the real news of today will not appear till after at least 1PM today and most after 2PM today. many of the more critical changes will not be reported till Friday and Saturday. as this below shows they are active today on many levels and there will be tons of rumors and miss-interpreted reactions to what is being said. let this play out for a day or so and the real facts will finally show through. the rv can apeer on our door step at any time during all these new developments. poppy3
1:26 PM [basejmpr99] poppy3 ....just curious...any truth to Blaino announcement..."significant intel regarding the RV in hand now"
1:27 PM [poppy3] this happens every time their is lots of activity on the dinar front people start all kinds of unsubstanciated rumors. The report to congress was just estimations showing things are being studied and that progress is being made. Relax yes it is a good report not bad. It show us all they know what they have been lieing about to US..... Now think about that part they have been lieing to you our own congress?? see the picture. Poppy3
1:28 PM [poppy3] basejmpr99 do you really think i listen to them??? Listen i been around to long to waste my time. Poppy3
1:29 PM [immonkey] They spend the majority of the call selling Dinar then tell you it's happening now.
1:30 PM [poppy3] people are getting down without any proof or facts about anything?????? Has anyone reported a fact yet about the minister, maliki , hcl, erbil, so on and so on today ????? No so quit listening to the JUNK..... Poppy3 let give time for some facts. Poppy3
1:31 PM [poppy3] immonkey hay congradulations you got it??????? Poppy3 now teach some other peeps.
1:56 PM [poppy3] inewdeal they don't start work till late daily and work till around 10pm because of the extreme heat there and thats why most factual news comes out late in the day and evening. rest assured they are have tons of meetings today and they will run into the night and i suspect even after midnight today. poppy3
1:57 PM [poppy3] swfg you are right I suspect erbil will even be on our national news!! poppy3
2:04 PM [poppy3] ok i will be hauling hay for a few hours so you guys go ahead and RV without me cause my horse is demanding I get him some hay loaded and put in the barn. He has no time for dinar and informed me its all a scam months ago. So off I go to the hay field. I can't wait to rub his nose in it... poppy3
2:12 PM [Rich] Helen Maria confirmed the Special Representative of the World Bank, "The strategic relationship with Iraq will be extended from 2012 until the year 2016." Indicating that "this strategy is not only in Iraq but in several countries."
2:19 PM [poppy3] Rich you didnt get all that bunk here on this site?? poppy3 leave all the unconfirmed cr*** ap where you find it . we try to deal in facts here not unfounded speculation. bbl poppy3