MP , Hamid al-Motlaq for the Iraqiya Slate said in a statement to NINA today : The five leaders who met in Erbil on 28 April, still waiting for response from al-Maliki on the message delivered by the representative of Muqtada al-Sadr to PM, al-Maliki .

He added: "Any response not received from al-Maliki so far, stressing on the need that Maliki must met what was stated in the message , stressing also that the five leaders are serious and keen to implemente their demands which emphasize on the necessity of holding the national meeting , commitment to its decisions, , commitment to the Constitution which defines the form of the state and the relationship between the three authorities , the independence of the judiciary, and the nomination of the security ministries, to be ratified by the House of Representatives during a week if there is a good will and seriousness by al-Maliki.