During his meeting with the Iranian media delegation Jaafari emphasizes the role of media in building the state, especially when looking for the most pressing
On: Wednesday 05/16/2012 13:44

The President of the Iraqi National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari on the role of media in nation building especially when it is creative and a ship sailing in the search for truth sailboat culture, ethics and interesting method to reach to the beach Balmmeltqa truth. "

According to a statement by Jaafari's office said he had received media delegation Iranian headed Ezzatollah Zarghami chairman of the Radio and Television of Iran and the presence of a number of managers-channel satellite TV in his office in Baghdad on Tuesday evening and during the meeting discussed ways to enhance the prospects of joint cooperation and exchange of experiences in the media, "

The al-Jaafari, "the need to navigate the media ship Cheralla culture and knowledge to reach the truth and transmitted as it is defending its issues of national stressing that the move let us know from the media preventive to the media management and media vulnerable to media influence so that let us know a notification reflecting on others it does not live the implications of media the other. "

Jaafari explained that "we should not Nhmh media because the media and an established fact that we have to live up to the level of media truth and establish a solid information that we can rebuild the family and society and the State properly because the depth of our problems in the problem of culture"

The al-Jaafari, "that it can not impose a veto on the day the media and can not reject the imposition of a ghetto under siege by the media and because the world is living today globalisations many, most notably the globalization of media , Calling for the need to provide all the opportunities that elevate it to the level it deserves to achieve the goals and respond scourge deserves the dangers and challenges. "