Kurds assert their rejection of calls for secession from Iraq
24/10/2011 14:43

Baghdad, October 24 (aka News) refused the Kurdistan coalition forces today, Monday, the statements by some Iraqi politicians in Baghdad, which calls for the Kurds to secede and declare their independent state, saying it aims to influence the relationship with the provincial government and the Government of the Union.

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance, a good supporter, told Kurdistan (aka News) that "these statements designed to put pressure on the Kurds and the impact on the bilateral relationship between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad aims to embarrass the Kurds in their relationship with their politicians there."

He added that "the independence of Kurdistan is the subject of discussion is one of the Kurdish leaders think at the moment we have chosen to stay within a federal Iraq, a federal unified and very keen to implement the Constitution and respect for the unity and sovereignty of Iraq"

The leader of the coalition of state law Izzat Shabandar has called for the Kurds to declare an independent state because he believed to aggravate the problems between the Governments of Arbil and Baghdad, where he's (aka News) "is no way to resolve the outstanding problems between Baghdad and Erbil We call on the Kurds to declare their independent state and to achieve his dream of national long-standing "
He continued by saying good "accused of secession attempts throughout history, when asked by a decentralized in the sixties of last century, as is also accused of this when we have demanded autonomy and today we'd call Beslahiatna constitutional and that is not logical."

However, that "some politicians in Baghdad wants to subject the region to the Baghdad government in all things as if he wanted to return to the regime of Saddam Hussein and the result of this lack of absorption of the federal system that the Iraqi experience is still young in this area."

The head of the Iraqi bloc of good white top politicians had called earlier in the Kurds to declare an independent Kurdistan, which met with denunciation by several parliamentary blocs, including the bloc headed by the top.

The exiled Kurdish coalition forces coincides with the imminent arrival of a government delegation Kurds to Baghdad to discuss outstanding issues between the Governments of the region and the center two weeks after the meeting of the delegation of political forces, a representative in Baghdad, including Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, announced then that the results of the meeting was positive it was agreed to resolve all contentious issues .