Hashemi accused al-Mutlaq hold it a political deal with the "Maliki"
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Thread: Hashemi accused al-Mutlaq hold it a political deal with the "Maliki"


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    Hashemi accused al-Mutlaq hold it a political deal with the "Maliki"

    Hashemi accused al-Mutlaq hold it a political deal with the "Maliki"

    Palm - accused the Iraqi Vice President desired to eliminate "Tareq al-Hashemi," Deputy Prime Minister, "Saleh al-Mutlaq," to hold it a political deal with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, describing the case that behind the deal.

    Hashemi said in a statement issued by him and who had received "the news agency palm" a copy of that Maliki's call for Saleh al-Mutlaq to dialogue behind a deal as that these days are the days of deals, he said, adding that al-Maliki hold the cases without justification and that Iraq needed to head the government believes in democracy and works as a team .

    And attacked the al-Hashemi judiciary, accusing him of lacking credibility and submit to the executive branch, adding that his lawyers will challenge the note by the international arrest issued by Interpol against him on the eighth of May current and host Turkey has Hashemi said that it did not constitute interference in Iraqi affairs and that Turkey stands at the same distance from all parties, and they seek to bring positions closer together.

    This hand raise the judge High Court, on Tuesday, the trial of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, the elements of protection, until the 20th of this month, sources told media that the judge of the High Criminal Court, lift, this evening, the hearing until the 20 of this month, after hearing certificates to four witnesses.

    The judge in charge of the trial of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi to be accused of terrorism and the elements of protection in absentia, he decided, earlier in the day, turn off the hearing for half an hour pretext rest and then was resumed, as the court heard the testimony of two of the defendants in the case and three witnesses, including a deputy in the Iraqi parliament Mona Amiri, decided to reject the defense team asked to postpone the trial for al-Hashemi.

    Began in the capital, Baghdad, on Tuesday (15 May 2012), Vice-President of the Republic trial on charges of terrorism required Tareq al-Hashemi and elements of protection in absentia, with the influx of dozens of citizens to the court to make their complaints against him.

    Decided that the Central Criminal Court to postpone trial of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, a number of his bodyguards to twice where he announced the Supreme Judicial Council announced, in the third of May, the postponement of the trial of al-Hashemi to the tenth of May, the current, to consider the appeal submitted by the defense team on the transfer of his trial to the court Federal, as decided once again postponed to Tuesday.

    And declared al-Hashimi, in (9 May 2012), his intention to stay in Turkey until the dissolution of the political crisis of Iraq, one day after the issuance of the international police organization (Interpol) Note red against him based on suspicions that he was involved in leading and financing terrorist groups in Iraq, which said It significantly reduces the freedom of movement and allows the countries where the content of his arrest, while confirming that it is not an international arrest warrant.

    Assesses Hashemi, who issued an arrest warrant on charges of "terrorism" in Turkey since the ninth of April 2012, after leaving the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which resorted to it after that offered to the Ministry of Interior (19 December 2011) Confessions of a group of bodyguards to carry out acts of violence on his orders, and went to Qatar in the first of this April, at the official invitation from the Emir of Qatar, and then to Saudi Arabia (April 5, 2012) which confirmed that he will return to Iraqi Kurdistan immediately after his tour in the region.

    Hashemi, who was called by President Jalal Talabani, in (the fourth of May 2012), to "take revenge" for the presidency of the "excesses" Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki, who was already accused his office of causing the death of three members of the protected "as a result of torture." , which was denied by the Supreme Judicial Council.

    The investigative panel on the issue Hashemi announced (February 16, 2012), about the involvement of the protection of the recent implementation of the 150 armed operation, stressing that, including car bombings, improvised explosive devices and rocket launchers and targeting visitors to the Iraqis and Iranians and senior officers and members of the House of Representatives.


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