Chief of Staff Province: Barzani is convinced that dealing with al-Maliki has become impossible
On: Wednesday 05/16/2012 14:06

Baghdad / WAP / said Fuad Hussein, President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan Region, "The Kurdistan Region President is convinced that dealing with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has become impossible."
He said during an interview with the Kurdish newspaper published on the Presidency of the region today, "said Barzani has been informed of his conviction that to all parties, including Iran, noting that the United States of America supports any democratic step not opposed to the Iraqi constitution, and that al-Maliki has suspended the constitution in practice, this What led to the creation of the current crisis in Iraq. "

He added: "The development of alternative needs to be a partnership and a democratic system and not to the people, so if we say there is no substitute for Maliki, but Maliki himself, this means there is no other person else in this country, but in a system Mússata there will be an alternative to all persons, unlike completely dictatorial regime; where no alternative but for the dictator dictator himself. "

He said: "The al-Maliki was given 15 days in Erbil meeting to answer on the content of a meeting of Arbil, where the representative of Muqtada al-Sadr delivered that message to Maliki, and it is known that al-Maliki, according to this must change course or be changed. And content of the message is : not bad if you change your policy, otherwise will you change, and both steps are embrace within the framework of the democratic game, but the reaction by al-Maliki was violent, it seems that he does not accept this, and this means that the things contained in the message must be implemented by the five parties and leaders of the five .