Mustafa al-Maliki's failure to respond to questions about the constitutional violation of Article 140

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Secret / Baghdad
MP for the mass change of the spectrum Mustafa not to respond to questions on Article 140 of the Constitution by the prime minister as a "constitutional violation", criticizing what he described as "non-implementation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's obligations on this constitutional article."
He said Mustafa said that the "Committee for the implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution issued important decisions and steps to implement this article and brought to the office of al-Maliki and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, some of them since 2007 and some of the other since 2008, without the prime minister to take the actions required," adding that "a lot of those decisions is still lying in its place in the rack cabinet. "
"I have been a question of parliament at the beginning of the month of August of 2011 to Maliki this regard, and confirmed him in the month of October of the same year, without getting any answer from Maliki or even from his office positively or negatively, while the lack of an answer Contact Person Executive on questions of Representatives is a violation of the constitution itself. "
And Mustafa "had been sent recommendations to the Office of the Maliki Book No. 335 on 27 of September 2010 for the purpose of approval of the disbursement of compensation to farmers after the cancellation of the agricultural contracts concluded under a policy of Arabization, as it has been estimated compensation for the owners of the agricultural contracts canceled within the policy of Arabization of about fourteen billion dinars , to the response did not come so far. "
He pointed out that "many of the employees who were dismissed or transferred for political reasons and under a policy of Arabization and did not return to their jobs because of the instructions and directives of the Ministry of Finance as stated in the recommendations of the Committee 140, without having done something to cancel those instructions."
He continued a member of the legal representative that the "Committee for Article 140 asked Maliki to increase the allocations of the same article because they are very small and can not be the completion of the compensation to these allocations the current eight more years, as well as delay the cancellation of the decisions of the Revolutionary Command Council dissolved the Committee on Affairs North since 2008, as it raised the decisions to Maliki's office Baketaben 2237 in 30 of the last December 2008 and 256 in September 30 of last year 2008 until it was finally canceled in the second month of this year, and are now talking about the prime minister to stop the cancellation of those decisions. "
Mustafa stressed the need to "fulfill their obligations to the government, Article 140, to demonstrate its seriousness in dealing with the constitutional provisions as it meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people, who voted against the constitution".