Deputy Governor of Central Bank: the dinar will not recover until after the leak check of the hard currency outside
On: Wednesday 05/16/2012 12:32

Baghdad (news) .. Ruled out the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, the Iraqi dinar return to normal, due to increased demand on the dollar, noting that the average central bank sales of foreign currency amounted to (200) million and the volume of demand to buy an estimated half a billion dollars.
Saleh added (for the Agency news) on Wednesday: The demand for dollar-buying from an auction the central bank is increasing every day without knowing why, the volume of demand for dollar estimated half a billion dollars and the average sales of the central (200) million, which will make the Iraqi dinar is unable to restore normal, except in the case of government control over the amount of money that comes out of the difficult country.

He explained: that the state you enter a foreign currency into the country through oil sales only, while the market is the one who directed those currencies abroad, which led to the lack of economic balance in the country, in addition to the Iraqi environment is attractive to invest and to enter the foreign currency because of fluctuations political and internal problems continued.

He said: There is no clear economic philosophy in the country to control the borders and prevent the depletion of foreign currency, in addition to the absence of an economic policy that makes a variety of financial revenues of the Iraqi economy, not only from a single supplier.

And see the U.S. dollar soared against its price as a result of the Iraqi dinar internal and external factors, where the U.S. dollar exchange rate (1288) dinars after it had been stable on the price of (1166) dinars.