Parliament calls for an emergency session today and the Sadrists are optimistic

24/10/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad / Hossam Acommok menopause
is expected to invite the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi today to hold an extraordinary session of parliament after the completion of the Sadrist movement conditions for the application of this meeting brought together 50 MPs signed.
The spokesman said Najafi as Akram al-Obeidi said in a statement singled out by the (range) yesterday, "held today, the Speaker held a press conference which will discuss a number of things taking place in the country, including the request of the Liberal bloc chest holding an emergency meeting," but he refused to give further details on this subject. However, sources close to the Speaker of the Parliament, confirmed the "long" the launch of the recent press conference call for an extraordinary session in the 3 next month after the collection of the Sadrist movement signatures of 50 MPs in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, which authorizes the President or the Speaker or the 50-member request for a hearing emergency after finding the reasons for it. " sources added, "However, the session will fail because of expected no quorum, which, because most of the members of Parliament do not want the audience they are on holiday as well as on the presence of some of them in the Hajj season." For its part, the mass of the free and as Deputy Rafi Abd al-Jabbar explained that the meeting will discuss three important issues, following in a statement (range), "There are several things have swept the country during the past few days we've gone to collect these signatures, which are; file withdrawal announced by U.S. President, and to discuss the federal budget after the price barrels of oil to $ 80 as well as the allocation of quota for citizens from oil revenues, which called for the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, in addition to discussing the bombing of neighboring Iraqi territory. " refused to Abdul-Jabbar to anticipate and judge the success of the meeting, calling on deputies to get rid of the influence of the leaders of the blocks and go to the emergency meeting as to discuss things of interest to the public interest. to this, stressed the coalition in Iraq there is no significant laws call for an emergency session of the House of Representatives, as pointed out that the holiday enjoyed by the members of parliament approved the constitution. The head of the bloc in the House of Representatives Salman Jumaili During a press conference held at Parliament House, the "Article 28 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament was approved by the President of the House of Representatives or 50 deputies to convene an emergency session to discuss a particular issue," noting that the Iraqi "interact with the claims to hold an emergency session, but the holiday legislative enjoyed by members of the Parliament set by the Iraqi constitution. " Jumaili added that "there is no significant laws as Treasury Finance House of Representatives calls for the continuation of work or an emergency session."