Terryk chat

9/18/11 8:30 pm pst

[terryk] boo
[Agent 007] hoo
[terryk] hey all
[terryk] iím back in bismarck nd
[terryk] thanks [garit] why?
[terryk] whatís going on?
[Agent 007] not much, relaxing on a Sunday evening
[terryk] i canít sit still
[Agent 007] are you feeling any better tk?
[terryk] a little
[Agent 007] thank goodness
[cincy] the rv news must be pretty good!!!!!
[terryk] thanks for asking
[terryk] what iím hearing is good stuff
[Agent 007] you bet - need to keep you feelin' good, as James Brown would say
[terryk] again
[cincy] how Good?
[terryk] but then everyone else is saying all kinds of things
[terryk] so who knows [terryk] iím hearing m is out
[Agent 007] we would rather hear what you have
[terryk] and a is going to be groomed into the position
[okdinar] i chose to believe your intel
[terryk] whatever that means
[terryk] and that a has only a few days to make good on his promises of rv within 48 hours of his appointment
[terryk] again who knows
[Agent 007] interesting
[terryk] im hearing that the rate is high
[terryk] and it will climb 25 days after it is released
[terryk] iím hearing 6 to 7 dollar range
[terryk] and can go as high as 9
[terryk] again rumor
[terryk] now i will also tell you this
[terryk] a little birdie told me
[terryk] that this may have gone down already
[terryk] and we will see it tuesday
[terryk] for some reason the banking system wants to boot this on a tuesday night
[terryk] again rumor
[terryk] but if you all remember my banking buddy told me years ago
[Agent 007] everything has to be a rumor until it happens
[terryk] the best time for the rv to happen is on a tuesday night
[terryk] for the banks
[terryk] me, i think it will happen on a thursday
[terryk] so it gives them time to reboot the systems
[terryk] and change pricing
[terryk] but who am i?
[terryk] now, i want you all to know i lost one of my sources over the weekend
[terryk] he was released
[terryk] as they were feeding him info and seeing what he did with it.


WMAWhite: Talking about someone falling the farthest. At one time TerryK had the largest following and people actually thought he and his group knew what they were talking about. However, today it is so apparent that Terry has no earthly idea of what is truely happening with the revaluation of the IQD.