Expert for the future of Iraq: Legislation in Iraq are not in favor of democracy
10/24/2011 0:00

The future of Iraq / special, an expert of an international legal most of the laws that began during the period between 2009 until now Atsb in favor of democracy and freedom of expression in Iraq and in favor of the workflow party or legal and including terms of participation and freedom, the legal expert was hosted by one of the international organizations to provide presentation on the legislative language of Iraq and after studying the draft laws submitted to Parliament are working on parliamentary committees in addition to laws enacted whispers to her laws to Atriqy to the level of the laws in any other country which is suffering from weak formulations and issue more serious where it lethal weapon can be used by any government subsequent to the suppression of its freedoms. He pointed out that the invisible hand manipulated the laws of that to come all the objectives of a hidden one. and weaknesses it may be used by any government later to control the mobility of political parties and freedom of expression and opinion and suppress freedoms in accordance with those laws and the lack of knowledge and science based on the government now and the parties actors made ​​the glitter words and sentences are tempted, in addition to their view that the situation in line with the laws of that state, but the wind will turn and the ship will go to Atchetha including ships.