Kurdistan Parliament received the draft law "The National Commission for dialogue" between Arbil and Baghdad
SUNDAY, MAY 13 / MAY 2012 14:22

Twilight News / source early in the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, Sunday, the chairman of the parliament received at today's meeting, the draft law, "the National Dialogue Committee," made ​​by the group members aim to make the relations between "purely institutional."

The source said the "Twilight News", "A group of lawmakers today introduced a bill (the National Commission for Dialogue with the provincial government a lot of problems with the federal government, in order to not become partisan and these problems are dealt with institutionally."

The source said that "the law states that this will be the subsidiary of the Parliament and received guidance from him exclusively."

And on the position of the Kurdish bloc that dominates the majority of the votes in the parliament of this project, the source confirmed that "the Kurdish political parties in parliament and outside it kind of consensus towards this matter."

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani had promised in his program of government form a national body to be able to dialogue with the federal government is institutional.