72 hours before the deadline of the end of the political map of Erbil .. tend to favor opponents of the Maliki
Date: Monday 14/5/2012 8:10

Baghdad / Muhannad Jawad
with the start of the countdown to the deadline set by the leaders of political blocs in Arbil meeting, stressed that "a coalition of state law," led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said political forces fail to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, while there was uncertainty the political map, which is still tend numerically for the benefit of the parties to Erbil.

Left is 3 days to the deadline for the fifteen days set by the leaders of the meeting of Irbil (President Jalal Talabani and Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani and the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and the President of parliament, Osama Najafi and the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi) of the Maliki government to agree to a statement of the meeting consisting of nine points and ending on the seventeenth of this month.
A member of the Liberal block (with 41 seats), Jawad al-Jubouri of the existence of special mechanisms for the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the absence of implementation of the items put forward by the leaders in Arbil meeting, but declined to disclose them, and said the "long ," " We hope that does not get to the implementation of this mechanism, "and voiced hope that" to call things to such a degree as long as is still the blocks in the arena of Tolerance. "
But Jubouri stressed that "the crisis will see a breakthrough soon, after giving a coalition of state law guarantees for the implementation of proposals, nine made ​​by leaders at the meeting of Arbil. "
For his part, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance (42 seats) Mahma Khalil, "There are mechanisms have resorted to the leaders is confidence Kcecchel parliamentary majority by five parties and fronts a parliamentary other."
He expressed his hope that the not be a no-confidence is the last option to end the crisis because it will affect the country and on the Iraqi street, and said there consultative meetings will be held before the deadline in order to find a solution a compromise that satisfies all parties. "
For his part, said the leader of the "coalition of the rule of law," Ezzat Shabandar that "the prime Minister is on a deadline two weeks set by the leaders at a meeting in Arbil, "adding that" the time limit related to the set does not belong do not belong to al-Maliki is to those who gave it. "
He's "life" that "the coalition, which has 89 parliamentary seats did not Aotlv or hold transactions to meet the withdrawal of confidence from the government, headed by its leader. "
"It can of political blocs confidence Vlijma parliamentary majority and come to Parliament." and expressed confidence that "al-Maliki will remain prime minister until the end of his term of law".
Shabandar announced to his coalition of three proposals to resolve the crisis is "the political consensus and the participation of political forces Balmmeltqy national and resort to the Constitution, or early elections and resolve the House of Representatives, or the resignation of the three presidencies and go back to the parliament to form a new government."
The MP for the Iraqi "free" high Nassif has expressed an objection to project confidence from the government and said the mass will stand against this decision in the absence of a national project alternative, "and asserted that" the list has taken this decision is not in favor of the person-Maliki, but for the sake of the people, "said that" the withdrawal of confidence from the government at this time will go the country into the unknown " .
For his part, deputy wondered about the "mass of the citizens" of the Supreme Council Mohammed Al-Bayati about the possibility of "no confidence from the Government in the House of Representatives in the legislative vacation?" He said the "long" that "demand the withdrawal of trust must have the consent of the President and that the latter refused to sign the request of no confidence."
and stressed that "mass as well as the Badr Organization (21 seats) will be with the national consensus that the government had set up on this basis, it must solve the crisis line. "
and added, "to the participants in the government to sit at the table of dialogue and a solution to this issue," and that "is not the right party to take a decision and the other parties to participate with him in the political process that obey Him" and stressed that the deadline fifteen days is to put pressure on government only. "
stated MP for the Liberal bloc Jawad Jubouri to question al-Bayati said that he could 50 deputies to apply for the presidency of parliament to hold an emergency session of the Council and then call the House of Representatives to the meeting and this does not represent a problem. "
For its part, announced the Virtue (5 seats) on the San Attorney Kamilp Musawi rejected the decision to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki said the "long" If "there are errors in the government Everybody borne being elected by the people, parliament and called for political blocs to hold ministers before accounting Prime Minister alone."
and concluded by observers that the cluster that represents the meeting Arbil, which have so far (183 deputies) is composed of Kurdish forces together and the Iraqi List and Sadr note that the no confidence resolution would require the consent of an absolute majority, which represents 163 deputies,while with the front that rejects no-confidence about 111 deputies include blocks of state law, virtue, and the Iraqi free and Badr, position with the survival of about 31 blocks from the deputy of the Supreme Council, minorities, and independent is not clear and likely to avoid going into details of the parliamentary debate until the last minute.