Kurdish opposition parties are to meet with determining the position of the Government of Barzani
10/24/2011 0:00

Erbil / Iraqi future:
A member of the mass change and the representative of the Kurdistan coalition forces Azad Jalak for a meeting of opposition parties to determine the final position of the Government of the Territory after the non-implementation of promises made ​​to President of the Region. He said in a press statement yesterday that the promises and resolutions issued by the Presidency of the Region has not yet been implemented and remained outstanding especially with regard to Ballven opened fire on demonstrators in the Kurdish cities, as the provincial authorities arrested a militant in the demonstration, rather than delivery, which opened fire.
He Jalak: that the failure to implement promises made ​​to President of the Region and there was no actual reforms but remained just promises on paper, which negatively impacted on the participation of opposition parties in the government.
He pointed to: that the opposition parties will meet in the near future to take a unified position to continue the negotiations with the ruling parties or not to continue, it depends on the meeting of the three opposition parties.