BAGHDAD, May 12 Iraqiya List will soon declare it will join forces with the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition to counter the "unilateralist" rule, said an Iraqiya MP.

"The coming days will witness the announcement of a new alliance. Iraqiya is heading towards a strategic alliance with the Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC)," said Talal al-Zubayee.

Zubayee said his bloc has already began "practical and serious talks" with the KBC to counter "the unilateralism and persistence in ruling and bullying with the army."

Kurdish MPs refuted the reports over alliance between Iraqiya and KBC, which count as the second and third largest entities in the Iraqi House of Representatives. The reports added that some ranks within the National Alliance are also a part of the new coalition.

The news was circulated after Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani began to object to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in the media.

Zubayee said that the Iraqiya List has formed a high committee to set up the procedures and agenda for the new coalition.

Maliki', who leads the State of Law Coalition (SLC), is embattled on two fronts: Iraqiya List and Kurdistan Region government. The tensions between Iraqiya and SLC date stem from the previous elections and those of government to some deep-rooted administrative issues that arose even before Maliki's terms.

So far, four Iraqi politicians have directly or indirectly accused Maliki of acting like a "dictator": Barzani, Ayad Allawi who leads Iraqiya, Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of Sadrist Current, and deputy PM Saleh Mutlag.

The latter was fired after making the accusation but now seems to have been restored to his position.

During a meeting in Erbil almost 10 days ago Allawi, Barzani, Sadr and Iraqi House Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi set a 15 day deadline for Maliki to "comply with the political agreement," or they will withdraw their confidence in the government.

Maliki in turn warned that he would suspend working with the constitution, dissolve the government and arrange for early elections.