Barazani discusses the political developments with a delegation representing Iraqiya slate

12/05/2012 20:14:00
Erbil (NINA) President of Kurdistan region, Massoud Barazani, discussed with a delegation representing Iraqiya slate, headed by Refi' al-Essawi, the political developments, disputes between political blocs and efforts exerted toward solving the crisis Iraq's political process is witnessing.

A statement issued on Saturday, May 12, by the presidency of Kurdistan region, said that in the meeting witnessed exchange of points of views on the disputed areas, where Iraqiya slate affirmed its position regarding disputed areas.
For his part, Essawi affirmed Iraqiya's support to the position of President of Kurdistan region, saying, "Barazani is not a leader of the Kurds only, he is a leader known throughout Iraq, therefore Iraqiya slate supports him all the way in all his efforts to contain the crisis.