Talabani discusses with Khuzaie and developments in the political arena Chalabi

12/05/2012 15:28

Erbil, May 12 / May (Rn) - President Jalal Talabani, on Sunday, with his deputy Khodair al Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi, both to limit the issues raised in the Iraqi arena and updates.

He said a presidential statement that "Talabani and Khuzaie who met in Baghdad in search of the latest developments on the Iraqi political arena."
"The two sides stressed the resolve the political crisis through dialogue and resorting Pacific Building the Constitution and the national principles," noting that "the views of both sides were identical over all the issues raised during the meeting."

Iraq is gripped by political crisis since the withdrawal of U.S. troops in late last year. The leaders are seeking to solve through a conference called by Talabani for reconciliation.

This comes as a separate presidential statement said that President Talabani met with the Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi and discuss all the issues on the Iraqi arena. "

He explained, "it was stressed during the meeting on the need to continue to strive to put effective solutions to the problems and thorny issues facing the country and facing the political process.