Barzani discuss with the Iraqi List, the political developments
Saturday, May 12 / May 2012 21:27

[Erbil - where]Search the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, with a delegation from the Iraqi List, political developments and the differences between the political blocs, and efforts, and the views of those parties about the crisis in the political process in Iraq.A statement on the night that Barzani met on Saturday in the resort of Salahuddin, a delegation from the Iraqi List headed by Rafie al-Issawi, Minister of Finance in the federal government.The statement added that it had been during the meeting, exchanging views on the conditions of the disputed territories, which confirmed the Iraqi List, "the unity of the Iraqi position of the contentious issues in Iraq."According to the statement Rafie al-Issawi said to support the positions of President of Kurdistan Region, said: "President of the Region is not only a leader of the Kurds, but it is a known leader of the Iraqi level, so the Iraqi List, supports absolutely all his efforts for containing the crisis.