Iraq: The House of Representatives begins the official holiday on Monday
11/05/2012 16:30

Erbil, May 11 / May (Rn) - The deputy of the Kurdistan Alliance, on Friday, said the official holiday of the legislative session the second for the second year of the Iraqi Council of Representatives will begin next Monday and will continue for 30 days.
Said the Messenger of Khoshnaw told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the House of Representatives will recess the official legislative session the second day 14 of the month of May and will continue until the 13th of the month of June next, "noting that" the Council will hold meetings of its legislative third on 14 June next. " said Khoshnaw that "a public holiday will not see holding any meeting, unless necessary for an extraordinary session, as it has the presidency of the parliament the right to call for an extraordinary session if necessary. " According to Article 57 of the Iraqi constitution, the right of the legislative authority of the House to enjoy a holiday-running 60 days after each four-month of working hours, but the presidency of the Council decided on the eighth of the month of May this be a holiday for the second legislative session of the Council one month only.