National Coalition stresses do not show the "Alliance" in the position of separation
On: Friday 5/11/2012 6:24

Baghdad / term
of the National Coalition stressed the need for the Iraqi National Alliance, do not show in "The position of separation or duplication," as he emphasized that the consultative meeting held on Wednesday evening "no substitute" for the meetings of the political body of the National Alliance, which is part of it.

The head of the Virtue parliamentary Ammar Tohme said in a statement issued yesterday, and received a "long" version of it, that "the consultative meeting of the National Coalition, which was held yesterday (Wednesday evening), he stressed the need to deal with all the political problems unresolved without selectivity, as well as the importance of carrying all the forces of political responsibility in the formulation of solutions. "
said Tima that "the meeting focused on the need to move away from showing the National Alliance in the position of duplication or separation in relation to the positions of its components."
The Tima that "the convening of the consultative meeting of the National Coalition came at the invitation of some of the parties does not represents an alternative to the meetings of the political body of the National Alliance, "noting that" the meeting emphasized that the primary site to discuss problems and circulation of the political situation and take appropriate decisions towards it is the political body of the National Alliance. "
He said Tohme to "maintain the gains achieved and the achievement of the benefits of the Grand National and confront common challenges enhanced opportunities achieved and sustained consolidation of the coalition's position based on the activation of the partnership and institutional work. "
and includes the Iraqi National Coalition a number of political entities, is the Islamic Supreme Council and the National Reform Movement, the Sadrists and the Virtue Party and the Solidarity bloc and the Dawa Party wing of Iraq and the Badr Organization and the Anbar Salvation Council and the Iraqi National Congress and figures liberal and the other religious.
The country has seen political crises multiple between a coalition of state law on the one hand and the Iraqi List and the Kurds and the Sadr movement, on the other and to the extent of demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the President of the current government Nuri al-Maliki if he failed to implement agreements Erbil, which came in a letter sent by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to the President of the Alliance, Ibrahim Jaafari, select the 17 of this month, the deadline for the implementation of these conventions or the direction to withdraw confidence from the government.
The leader of the coalition of state law Izzat Shabandar, on 5 May, the current, that the message of the chest carried the threat to withdraw confidence from the government unless the applicable agreements Erbil, while stressing that he wants so he must summon the strength of parliamentary, strange timing of the message.