Kurdistan: Maliki continued procrastination and create contradictions will enter the country in chaos
On: Friday 5/11/2012 6:59

Baghdad / range
according to the Kurdistan Alliance MP Shawn Mohammed Taha that each block are not subject to the will of the state law would be of the charges, and that the charges will be waiting for all those who disagree with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
told Chuan in an interview for "long" yesterday commenting on the televised remarks of the Prime Minister "that the political blocs are aware that the State law charges ready against their partners in the political process so we find sometimes accused of mass Baathism, Accuse the Kurdish separatism and other charges "and" Even Maliki's allies won their share of these charges. "
and MP Kurdistan that "there is a process systematically followed by Maliki's coalition in the accusations and insulting to the symbols," and expressed his deep concern about the policy by a coalition of state law and their attempts to freeze the Constitution, which would lead to chaos, which will destroy the country. "
and saw Chuan said there congruence of views between the political blocs that Maliki is "conducting a policy of exclusion and marginalization and that the coalition addresses the crisis, making a new crisis, and this approach is rejected by the political blocs . "
and Prime Minister in an interview televised on Iraqi satellite channel last night that his government "does not have any power and do not know anything" about what enters or goes out to and from airports as well as border crossing points in Kurdistan, and considered that the issue of oil smuggling in the region " become a reality, "and accused the Kurds also to" encroach upon the borders of the disputed areas. "
Maliki said that "the province earns about five billion six hundred million dollars from the delivery of the product oil locally at the expense of other provinces," and stressed that "the region 17% of the general budget "It is not fair to go to other funds."

He al-Maliki that there are other problems with the province regarding outlets border, and explained, "in and out of which goods and not the Federal Government or the Ministry of Finance or Customs or internal control over it, as well as airports in Kurdistan," stressing by saying "I do not know what enters and what comes out, we want to impose control on the movement of flight and entry and exit."

Maliki has accused the Kurds to expand within the disputed areas in the provinces of Kirkuk and Nineveh, and emphasized that "the borders of the Kurdistan region now is not as approved by the Governing Council on the fall of the regime on April 9 , "noting that" the Peshmerga forces rushed in the territory of Kirkuk and Mosul, and do not allow even the Iraqi army or police to enter. "