Governor of Nineveh, Baghdad and Erbil, calls to action "effective" to prevent turning the region into an arena for conflict

10.23.2011 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Sumerian News / Nineveh called governor of Nineveh province, Sunday, federal and Kurdistan governments to maintain the "progress made" and to take action "effective" to prevent turning the region into an arena for conflict, expressing concern the repercussions of the military operations against the PKK to maintain. The ethyl Najafi, during a press conference held Sunday afternoon in the building of the province, and attended "Alsumaria News", "The current situation on the Iraqi-Turkish border for concern for the possible impact on the security situation in the territory of Kurdistan and Nineveh neighbors, "noting that" maintaining a strategic depth for the Dohuk governorate by governorate of Arbil. " "The letters of disapproval and condemnation are not enough to prevent a country like Turkey to take effective measures against the PKK," noting that "these operations are now beginning to may continue to become similar to those that occurred during the era of the nineties of the last century. " He explained that "the nature of belonging in common and nationalist sentiment prevents the leadership of the Kurdistan region to take effective measures against the PKK," adding, "but in the interest of Iraq and the region at the same time maintaining the progress has been made, and to take effective measures to prevent turning the region into an arena of conflict. " He called Najafi security forces in Nineveh, the need to "be careful and to prevent any withdrawal of forces, the PKK into the territory of the province," stressing that the province, "you want to keep away from the circle that the conflict. " began the Turkish army in an offensive on the elements of the PKK in the border regions with Iraq, following their killing 24 of its soldiers last Tuesday (18 October now). has raised new operations carried out by the PKK against the Turkish forces, chain reactions, local and global angry (most notably the one issued by President Barack Obama), criticized the party strongly, including considering the presidency of Iraqi Kurdistan, on 19 October now, that the killing or wounding dozens of elements of the Turkish army in an attack by the PKK "a criminal act against the interests of the Kurds," and called for "immediate cessation" of such acts. On another of the conference, he stopped Najafi on the theme of "uprooting" Tdrisien from the University of Tikrit and Mosul, indicating that the country needs a "genuine national reconciliation over a lot of differences ". Nujaifi said, that "there are movements in more than one ministry is governed by a particular party in power, seeking to step up is not justified, at a time when we all need to genuine national reconciliation over a lot of differences does not begin to raise the topics of dormant and under containment, particularly with the imminent U.S. withdrawal from Iraq by end of 2011 the current, "stressing that" such an escalation could cause sometimes raise many problems in the country. " The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided, early October now, the implementation procedures of the accountability and justice, the right of dozens of employees of the University Tikrit and Mosul, and dismissal from work, which led to a wave of discontent among the provinces have had political repercussions, despite the assurances of the Minister of Higher Education on the writer, yesterday (22 October now), that the procedures for accountability and justice does not belong to all the provinces of Nineveh and Salahuddin but Iraq's universities all. have rejected the Iraqi List, which confirmed, on 16 October now, that the Minister of Higher Education on the writer, tries to reproduce the experience of the Expediency Iranian Ministry of Higher Education, believing that he has "a problem with sex, the Arab Sunni or sects", pointing to further questioning in the House of Representatives on charges of corruption, while the accused Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, one of the leaders of the existing prominent, on 18 October, the current writer to pursue good citizens for the "allegations are outdated," and called for the Commission on Higher Education in the parliament to step down If unable to stop these actions, and carried the Liberation Front and the building were part of the Iraqi province of Salah al-Din, on 16 October now, her coalition (of Iraq) is responsible for de-staff and Tdrisien from the universities of the country to give up a bag of higher education. The governor of Salahuddin Ahmed Abdullah Jubouri, threatened on 20 October now, cutting off electricity to Baghdad and the provinces as well as oil derivatives, in the event did not decline the government and stakeholders on the campaigns of exclusion carried out by some ministries to people of the province, especially the universities, but the minister of higher education count it merely a "trial balloons" .