Launch of projects to support the private industrial sector

Like the agricultural initiative Baghdad Qasim Alafi revealed the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords, for the coming days will witness the launch of initiatives and projects in support of the private industry as agricultural initiative. He said in a statement singled out the "morning" as we approach the foundation to the steps related to the subject industry and specifically with regard to the private sector, and there are ideas and numerous conferences and frameworks have been elaborated in the last term for the formation of funds and initiatives in this aspect, especially as the industrial side where the complexities of large and multiple challenges and compete with huge foreign, which requires taking these factors into account.
He said coming days will witness release some of these initiatives, whether this framework or the other, stressing that the government has a tendency to regulate import random for goods and goods that had a big impact in the product of domestic industrial, but he also said: "We must not forget that the field of industry in general and the industries Alkhvivah private can not keep up with States have the industry with great potential too, "noting in this regard that there are major countries, including European countries handed over is the manufacture of many goods to the countries of Southeast Asia and China and others, to adopt the other hand major industries due to lack of competition in the field of light industry had" . and that Iraq focus on industries that have unique resources or raw materials and minerals such as aluminum, iron, steel, sulfur, and petrochemicals.

And on the agricultural initiative and insufficient support to the observed them, he said:: that the initiative has achieved many good results, and despite all the circumstances and problems, but there is a kind of development is the return of many farmers to their lands, especially in the production of wheat and barley, indicating a trend of expansion in the granting of loans through this initiative in light of the evaluation of each stage and the experience and effectiveness and achieve the desired results in the agriculture sector. And on the provision of jobs for the unemployed The secretary-general of the Council of Ministers that the accumulation of policies of the former regime has produced these ratios and indicators, anomalies and standard for the unemployed in the oil country has a wealth of material and human resources, adding that the state with the growing financial capacity now operates on two levels the first is to try to find urgent solutions through networks of support and care that is now going through the Department of Women and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as well as through other channels to alleviate poverty.

He noted that the state is counting on building strategies and policies consistent and able to hold a real shift is available from which opportunities for the unemployed and also to provide a higher level of services that the increase in income alone without the other means of care and social protection such as health insurance, education and other services, but he also said: that there link between national development plans and annual budget with these trends, especially in the most disadvantaged areas.