Military expert: six thousand Daasha trapped on the right coast of the connector

Detecting a military expert Safa Alaasm, Sunday, trapping about six thousand members of the organization "Daesh" criminal on the right coast of the city of Mosul , he said , adding that the joint forces fighting changed the strategy of continuing to attack and bombardment of the besieged provide an opportunity out of the besieged families.
He Alaasm in a statement, said that " the security forces changed during the last two days of its strategy in the liberation of Mosul center on the right axis of the connector from open combat to the blockade and cut off neighborhoods to the isolation of criminal elements to Daesh as well as pave the way for citizens to escape."
"The launch of this strategy came in conjunction with the start of liberalization coast right , which is the most dense in terms of population Almolin the terrorist organization and the number of elements Daesh fighter as well as the nature of the buildings and neighborhoods of narrow , " pointing to "trapping six thousand Daasha on the right coast of the city."
Alaasm said that "joint operations equipped with special force to fight those battles in conjunction with the pressure of the popular crowd in the western axis and the continuation of anti - terrorism device forces cleared the left coast of Mosul forces