Exsiting contracts with Iraqi companies to lobby backed by Gulf to attack al-Maliki?!!

Palm - The report of the newspaper "The Hill" to the U.S. that the Iraqi List led by former Prime Minister has contracted with a U.S. company for public relations in order to highlight what it called the dangers of the growing strength of the existing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after the U.S. withdrawal.
And seeks the Iraqi List, which describes itself in Washington as "a coalition of Iraqi secular parties" to attract the attention of the U.S. Congress and the White House to the political crisis in Iraq and trying to return Iraq to the U.S. electoral agenda.
According to the adviser to the list of "good mark" which is known to be close to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, the list seeks to draw attention to what it called Iraq sliding back into the one-man rule.
This resulted in a series of meetings held in the dominant wing of the coalition in Iraq under the direct supervision of and funded by the godfather of the Iraqi (Khamis Farhan Ali dagger) resident in Oman .. Decide to install president of the Iraqi leader Osama Najafi new Iraqi leadership isolate Allawi list in order to be even marginalized and neutralized with Accord Movement, led by.
According to sources close to the (Iraqi), the list that won the highest votes in the elections of March 2010 is now divided into two groups, Group A (60 seats) and includes both: Accord (15 seat and dialogue (14 seats) and center (10 seats) and renewal (9 seats), and the Turkmen Front (5 seats), and independent figures (7 seats), while the second group (30 seats) and comprising: Iraqi (12 seats) and future (7 seats) and the solution (11 seats).
And sculpt sources requirement to remain anonymous, blamed the businessman Thurs dagger that controls the list of Iraq, noting that the dagger which had received support from Turkey and Qatar, is currently trying to achieve integration between of the Iraqi-led Osama Najafi and pool the future, led by Rafie al-Issawi to establish a party combines them with care the balance in the leadership of the new party leaders of both parties in front of the center combines the head of the National Accord Movement and head of the list, Iyad Allawi, the head of the list renewal Tareq al-Hashemi and Dialogue Front led by al-Mutlaq.
Despite the large role played by the dagger at the level of the decisions of the Iraqi List, or at the level of formation of the province Sunni being promoted by House Speaker Osama Najafi, but there is of the opinion that the dagger a fictional character, and the Iraqi List is moving according to foreign agendas but the number of of politicians in the Jordanian capital, they say that some of those close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, taking advantage of their status in a rapprochement with the dagger, in total secrecy and away from the eyes of al-Maliki.
So who is really Thurs dagger?! .. Thurs Farhan Ali dagger Issawi from the thigh Amour hails from the province of Salah al-Din (Tikrit) and was smuggled sheep one smugglers cigarettes between Iraq and Jordan in the years of the siege the first Jordan and became a dealer of cigarettes is working to protect Uday Saddam Hussein, just before the fall of the Saddam days the security has Uday Saddam Hussein, the amount of of (700 million dollars), but smuggled to Oman, after the fall of the regime bought the dagger Thurs (Union Bank), and he became Vice Chairman in it.
It is certain that the dagger runs the Iraqi Center for Strategic Studies which he founded in Amman in order to promote a form of the Arab order the new post-Arab spring, but also the godfather of transactions with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the Maliki government, and a key partner to the Minister of Defence of the former Iraqi (Abdul Qader al-Obeidi) and the last link between Maliki and Thursday dagger, is a deal-public and confidential to the Ministry of Defense and deal with the arms companies Serbian purchased by Israel after the collapse of Yugoslavia, which went with Abd al-Qader al-Obeidi for Brazil to seize funds deal late to the Ministry of Defence time of the previous regime.
Thurs and runs a farm in the dagger (Romania) area is estimated as the area of ​​Lebanon, was returning to the investments of the Baath Party, called the (farm Arabs), one of the funds belonging to Saddam Hussein and run Thurs dagger and some undercover agents .. It is said that the plane Thurs dagger landing at the airport in Tikrit, the military, and that there are those who takes him to get off approvals, confidentiality, protection and cessation.
It is said that he was in his youth with the Muslim Brotherhood and the associated relationship with the Association of Muslim Scholars and has had a first round in the formation of a channel (Rivers), the mouthpiece of the body, but fell out with the fierce and the granting of the channel as a gift the entire assets as he did the same thing with the Iraqi Islamic Party, led by Tariq al-Hashimi, where he founded the channel (Baghdad), the mouthpiece of the party and give them a gift to the party.