The euro area recognizes the disbursement of the next tranche of aid Greece

BRUSSELS (Reuters)
said euro zone finance ministers that they acknowledged the payment of the next installment of the rescue program provided by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund for Greece, worth eight billion euros (11 billion dollars).
The statement said the group held a meeting in Brussels agreed to support the disbursement of the next slide of financial aid to Greece in the framework of the economic evaluation of the current. »
said «it is expected that the exchange is in the first half of November, after the approval of Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund.»
the statement said «Moreover, in order to ensure the ability to afford to pay the debt will do calendar program economic second of Greece has the right mix of additional official financing new and participation of the private sector. »
This installment is the sixth tranche of a package of bilateral loans worth 110 billion euros agreed by Greece with the EU and the IMF in May of last year.
Without such installment is facing Greece the specter of default on the repayment of debt later this year