Economic Commission: Asustek to the dinar (1166) to the dollar
12 hours 57 minutes ago
By Citizen News

Economic Commission decision expected in Parliament MP Mahma Khalil, the restoration of the Iraqi dinar and normal in the coming period, after the necessary measures taken by the monetary policy to fetch up to (1166) dinars to the dollar. Khalil's (newsletter) that monetary policy of Iraq and of the Central Bank has taken necessary measures for the return of Iraqi dinar to normal and stabilize at a certain price to the U.S. dollar, because the continued increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar would lead to significant economic, such as increased prices in local markets and high inflation rates in the country.
Khalil said that the Commission demanded that the Central Bank and the Federal Government to take the necessary measures needed to save the currency of Iraq from deteriorating in front of hard currency, Calcetrh on the process of currency smuggling to neighboring countries, or to take scientific methods to sell foreign currency at an auction in the central, expressing optimism about the return of Iraqi dinar to put natural to settle on the price of (1166) dinars for one dollar.
This testifies the U.S. dollar has increased significantly and unprecedented has its value in front of the Iraqi dinar, with an exchange rate of one dollar (1300) Iraqi dinars, after he was conservative on the price for a long time b (1170) dinars for one dollar, creating great fear of the economic circles constantly increase its price and its direct impact on the Iraqi economy.